Trade Bead & Lapis Lazuli Necklace

trade bead and coral colour glass bead necklace
trade bead and coral colour glass bead necklace
trade bead and coral padre glass bead necklace

Venetian milefiori trade bead with Lapis Lazuli and coral coloured glass beads
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Unique chocker necklace comprising Venetian Milefiori Trade Bead as focal bead surrounded by Lapis lazuli unpolished stone beads, set-off with coral coloured wound glass padre beads. A bright, informal necklace designed to brighten up the world (and your neck) and provide an interesting conversation piece. The Venetian trade bead and orange wound glass glass are both of considerable age whereas the Lapis beads are of recent manufacture.The orange beads are interespersed with Vinyl heishi spaces and nickel-free white metal daisy spacer beads and lapis lazuli beads.


  •  Antique Venetian millefiori trade bead as centre-piece
  • Antique orange glass padre beads
  • 10mm gemstone matt Lapis lazuli abacus beads
  •  6mm vinyle hiesishi spacers
  • 6mm round matt lapis lazuli gemstone beads
  • 7mm Tibetan silver daisy spavers
  • Tibetan silver s-hook clasp


  • Length: 44cm (chocker)
  • Weight: 29g