African Stools

African stools are diverse, decorative and varied according to the cultures from which they originate. Check back soon for when we upload new products to this category.

Obsidian has been use since the stone age owing to the fact that like flint it can be fashioned into arrowheads. Obsidian is in fact a type of glass formed in volcanic erruptions and so, strictly speaking, is not a mineral. Like all glass obsidian breaks with a characteristic fracture. In ancient times it was also used to make mirrors as it can be polished to a high sheen. Obsidian beads glint in the sun and often have bands of reflectvie minral running through the stone.

Carnelian & Black Obsidian Necklace

Stylish black obsidian and carnelian gemstone necklace

Sales price: £48.00

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