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Gemstone beaded necklaces

If asked to describe our range of women’s bead necklaces we would describe them as; original, handmade, one-off designs. We might add that they are design-led, exotic, daring, bold and authentic. The materials we use include antique trade beads collected in africa and polished gemstone beads. We combine these with amber and silver beads to create unique handcrafted ethnic inspired jewellery. You won’t find our exotic vintage glass bead jewellery for sale on the high-street. We don’t wholesale. We could save money by having them made overseas but prefer to craft each necklace ourself. That way we can be confident of what we’re selling. We refuse to mass produce our jewellery. We make jewellery for individual and that’s why no two designs are the same. We love what we do.

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We pride ourselves on offering sterling silver, antique ethnic and glass bead treasures that are unique. Select the style to suit you and make it your own. Browse our chunky bead necklaces using vintage glass beads. If you prefer, opt for the sophisticated chic of our gemstone necklaces. Make a statement. Our necklaces strive for truly authentic style at affordable prices.

Unique one-off necklace designs

If you are looking for a unique item of jewllery you've come to the right place. Each creation is made with care and attention to detail. Our colourful beaded jewellery and African beaded necklaces are labours of love. No two are the same. So when you buy from African Odyssey you can be confident that no one else will be wearing your necklace.

Antique Beads We Use

We tend to avoid plastic bead or glass beads of recent production. Instead we seek out vintage and antique beads from the bead markets of Africa. Venetian Millefiori beads are a favourite, as are vintage beads of Dutch, Bohemian and Italian manufacture. The important thing is that they are beautiful, well made and in good condition. We love the fact that they have been traded extensively in Africa before coming to us.

Our designer bead necklaces are strung by us from gemstone and vintage glass beads we carefully source and select. Our antique trade beads are collected on buying trips to Africa. The challenge is the match the beads for size and colour. We also use a wide range of precious and semi-precious materials including sterling silver, Tibetan silver (alloy), glass beads, shells, glass and stone.
You won’t find us using plastic beads, preferring instead the quality and depth of colours provided by gemstones and vintage glass beads. We do use bakelite and antique resin or amber beads but apart from those all our bead are metal, stone or glass. Whether your are looking for multi-coloured brilliance or the cool sophistication of an opal bead necklace we think you will agree that our range is exciting and diverse.
New bead necklaces are uploaded on a regular basis. Be sure to check back soon to see our latest additions. Please note- if you can't change the quantity of a product that means it is unique and only one of its kind exists!

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Amber Necklace with Carnelian & Black Glass

Amber focal beads with carnelian & black glass beads

Sales price: £34.00

Amber, Turquoise & Onyx Necklace

Antique amber resin with turquoise & matt black onyx ...

Sales price: £42.00

Antique Amber & Matt Onyx Necklace

Antique amber, carnelian and frosted black onyx necklace

Sales price: £42.00

Antique Amber & Trade Bead Necklace

Antique amber, trade bead, onyx and carnelian gemstone ...

Sales price: £48.00

Antique Chevron & Onyx Bead Necklace

Antique chervon bead, onyx, turquoise and carnelian bead ...

Sales price: £48.00

Antique Glass Bead & Onyx Necklace

Frosted antique orange glass bead necklace with matt onyx ...

Sales price: £45.00

Antique Lamp & Red Dutch Bead Necklace

Necklace with Red Dutch Goose Eggs beads & antique black ...

Sales price: £45.00

Antique Orange Glass Bead Necklace

Antique frosted orange glass beads with matt onyx beaded ...

Sales price: £42.00

Antique Red Dutch & Lamp Bead Necklace

Antique bohemian red glass trade beads with black & white ...

Sales price: £52.00

Antique Red Trade Bead & Oynx Necklace

Red Dutch Goose Egg focal bead with polished onyx gemstone ...

Sales price: £38.00

Antique skunk trade bead necklace

Blue and white skunk beads with matt onyx gemstone beads

Sales price: £42.00

Black lamp & blue skunk bead necklace

Black& white striped barrel bead necklace

Sales price: £35.00

Blue Chevron & Black Onyx Necklace

Matt black onyx bead necklace with blue chevons and Tibetan ...

Sales price: £36.00

Bronze Pendant with Jadeite & Carnelian

Bronze swirl pendant necklace with jadeite and red ...

Sales price: £34.00

Brown Agate & Black Glass Bead Choker

Brown agate gemstone beads with black glass necklace

Sales price: £32.00

Carnelian & Black Obsidian Necklace

Stylish black obsidian and carnelian gemstone necklace

Sales price: £48.00


Carnelian & Jet Beaded Necklace

Faceted carnelian & black onyx necklace

Sales price: £42.00

Carnelian Agate & Ethiopian silver necklace

Carnelian agate ethnic necklace with Ethiopian silver drop ...

Sales price: £35.00

Carnelian and onyx bead necklace

Carnelian agate and black onxy beaded necklace

Sales price: £35.00

Chevron Trade Bead & Antique Lamp beads

Antique chevron bead necklace with glass lamp beads

Sales price: £42.00

Cobalt & Turquoise Glass Bead Necklace

Cobalt turquoise and green transluscent glass bead necklace

Sales price: £12.95

Ethiopian Telsum & Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Ethiopian telsum amulets with lapis lazuli and black onyx ...

Sales price: £45.00

Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal Necklace

Genuine Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal Necklace

Sales price: £34.00

Ethiopian Welo Province Opal Necklace

Delicate Ethiopian Welo opal necklace

Sales price: £35.00