Indonesian Face & Glass Bead Necklace

Face bead necklace
Face bead necklace

Brighly coloured faced bead pendant with indonesian glasss beads
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This delightful chocker glass bead necklace orginates from Indonesia. Featuring a glass face bead pendant (Double sided ) as a focal bead- these pendants are often passed off a ancient phoenician glass face beads. Regretably this is not an ancient piece- instead orginating from Indonesia where artisans seek to copy ancient beads. All the same we think it's a charming necklace, bright, cheerful and sure to attract interest!


  • Centre piece: Doudle-sided face bead pendants
  • Indonesian glass and lamp beads
  • Gold plated hook clasp

This necklace was made in Indonesia. Unlike necklaces designed and made by African Odyssey we cannot claim that this is a unique design.


  • Length:40cm.
  • Weight: 80g.