Cameroon Ashetu Prestige Hat

Cameroon Ashetu woven tribal hat
Cameroon Ashetu woven tribal hat

Ashetu hat from Cameroon Grasslands
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Orgiginating form the Cameroon Grasslands close to the border with Nigeria this prestige hat, known as an Ashetu would have been worn as a status symbol by high ranking individuals. The traditions was such that slaves were not allowed to cover their head whereas freemen had to to so. The result is a rich tradition of hats similar to this one using the technique of "knotless netting". Highly vlaued, the woven and dyed hats were traditionally given to high ranking individuals. The bull-eye motif on the top of the hat is a common feature of such hats.

This particulary hat feature fine craftsmanship and is in good condition. Please don't put in in the laundry!