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  • African Masks

    Articles aimed at increasing our understanding of African masks. We look at the uses of Tribal masks, the influence African masks have had on western art and other interesting fact about masks. Click on the article links above to read more or browse our African masks for sale

  • African Tribal Art

    Articles or products featuring infomation on tribal art

  • Bead Necklaces

    Browse our hand made trade bead, glass and gemstone necklaces. Each is of one of a kind and totally unique.

  • Beads

    Beads are a fascinating subject. Rich in history and intertwined with the colonial past of Africa. Read our blog articles on the history of beads and join us on a journey of discovery as we trace their origins,  examine their use and explore the wide variety of glass and trade beads avaialble.

  • Gemstone Beads

    Articles relating to gemstone beads. Read our blog articles on gemstones used in our bead necklaces. Discover where they come from, what gives them their properties and learn about their use and care.

  • Jewellery

    Check out our range of jewellery for sale