Tribal Art, African Masks & Bead Necklaces

If African masks could talk what would they tell us about the people that made and use them? We explore the use and meaning of African tribal masks.african masks

Choosing an African Mask

Are you an interior designer with a commission for traditional African face masks? Or maybe you want to furnish your home? Perhaps you’re an avid collector of masks from Africa?
We aim to have something for everyone. Read more before you look at our types of masks for sale. We’ve collected some interesting facts about African wooden masks. Choosing a hand carved African tribal mask isn't the easiest thing- it's a vast subject. Buying a mask for your home or collection takes time and African face masks are diverse and varied. Of course It needs to fit in with your décor, but remember that masks are have considerable meaning and history.

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africa headrest tribal artAntique African headrests are both beautiful and stylish. Their charm lies in their simplicity. Headrests are found in Japan too, but our interest lies in the variety of styles to be found in Africa. If you are into minimalism then headrests from Africa are just the ticket. A vast range of shapes and of styles exist and they are relatively inexpensive to collect. From the pillow shaped headrests of the Zulu people to the sculptural forms of Ethiopia, the headrests of Africa have an intresting story to tell.

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Finding Affordable Beads for Beaded Necklaces

Fake ruby beadsNot everyone has the luxury of travelling to Africa to buy vintage glass beads for necklace making. And not everyone wants to buy their jewellery from a high-street retail chain. Especially if you don’t want to look like a cloned celebrity. Some of us strive to look original, we want to be our own person. We've got some ideas on how you can do this on a budget...

 We live in an age where high-street choice has become limited. In every town we see the same shops. We see people wearing the same old stuff. There’s a loss of identity going on. Every day we read about the challenges retailers are facing. Independent shops with truly original products are struggling. This means that there is less and less choice for quality as where the big chains dominate. Profits come before quality.

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african mask

We are exploring Tribal Art, in other words; the artworks of traditional or indigenous peoples. Tribal art is distinct from wood carvings produced for the tourist market. And there is a difference between works made for the interior decor market and that made by tribal people for their own use. African art and tribal masks are often imbued with social significance or as have deep relevance to tradition. In the same way tribal material culture is distinct from wood carvings produced for the tourist market. Similarly, modern art is distinct from traditional African art and statues which often mark veneration of animist spirits or of ancestors. This fine line between the modern and "ethnographic" or traditional art is bit of a blur. To make things more complicated the business of creating replicas of tribal pieces has been going on for many decades. There is tons of choice when it comes to art from Africa. And we are hardly scratching the surface by offering masks, weapons, stools, headrests, sculpture, decorative fabrics and items of functional use.

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 gemstone beadsThere’s quite nothing so rewarding as making your own bead necklace. Especially when asked “where did you get that”. Want have a go at making you own unique beaded necklace but not sure what gemstone beads to use?

Read our guide to semi-precious stones used in our beaded jewellery.

You will need more than beads. You will need think about jewellery findings and thread too.

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