Baule Tribal Art Sculpture

Baule Figurative SculptureBaule Tribal Art Figure
Baule Figurative Sculpture
Baule Tribal Art Figure
Baule Tribal Art Carving
Baule African Carving
Baule Sculpture Ivory Coast
Baule figure from behind

Beautiful Baule Sculpture from Ivory Coast
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The Baule people come from Ivory Coast and their masks,baule sculpture and material culture is both sophisticated and highly stylised. This tribal art figure has a warm, rich patina and is striking in every respect. Please note the the figure is prone to toppling- we used a coin placed under one foot so the it would stand for the photography. Since we are reluctant to tamper with the item for fear of devaluing it; we recommend that a stand be made to support it. That aside we think is a truly striking example of African sculpture.