African Tribal Art

Welcome to our African Tribal art collection. We work hard to bring you African masks, tribal art statues and ethnographic collectibles. We select our African art objects for their beauty, authenticity and cultural significance. Whether you are a tribal art collector or an enthusiast with a taste for the exotic, our wooden statues and masks are carefully selected from a diverse range of African cultures. We truly hope you like our selection. Please check back again soon- we are constantly adding new items of aesthetic beauty to these pages. Masquerade, fabrics, weapoanry, sculpture and utilitatarain objects can all fall into the category of tribal art. Despite sometime being referred to as "primitive art" we hope you agree that the opposite is true- African art is sophisticated, deep with meaning and demonstrates a welath of artisanal and creative skills which are hard to match.

Browse our African art categories below or read our Blog: What is African Tribal Art?

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Fang Wooden Post Top from Cameroon

Hand carved tribal art post top from the Fang people of ...

Sales price: £195.00

Yoruba Post top from Nigeria

Striking Yoruba tribal art post top from Nigeria

Sales price: £220.00

Decorative Senufo Masks from Ivory Coast

Pair of small decorative Senufo masks from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £49.95

African Sculpture Sao Chad Bronze

Bronze sculpture made using the lost wax method of casting ...

Sales price: £650.00

African Tribal Mask Bete

Bete mask from Cote D'Ivoire

Sales price: £600.00

Ancestral Fang African Statue

African ancestral sculpture from Gabon

Sales price: £385.00

Ashanti Decorative Comb from Ghana

Hand carved wooded comb from the Ashanti people of Ghana

Sales price: £50.00

Bamileke Cow Mask Cameroon

Authentic Bamileke beaded water buffalo mask

Sales price: £1,500.00

Baule African Tribal Mask

Baule African mask mask with Hornbill perched on head

Sales price: £295.00

Baule Comb from Ivory Coast

Highly decorative Baule comb from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £50.00

Baule Monkey Mask

Baule monkey mask from Cote D'Ivoire

Sales price: £225.00

Baule Tribal Art Sculpture

Beautiful Baule Sculpture from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £185.00

Bronze Festac Mask

Nigerian Bronze Festac Mask

Sales price: £225.00

Cameroon Grasslands Mask

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £895.00

Contemporary Bamileke Cow Mask Beaded

Contemporary beaded cow mask form the Bamileke people of ...

Sales price: £250.00

Dan Mask from Liberia

Striking Dan mask from Liberian border with the Ivory Coast

Sales price: £900.00

Fang Ancestor Statue

Fang ancestral statue from Cameroon, serene hand carved ...

Sales price: £475.00

Fang Helmet Mask from Gabon

Fang helmet mask from Gabon

Sales price: £350.00

Fang Sculpture Post Top Triple Face

Fang triple post top- tribal art sculpture from Cameroon

Sales price: £325.00

Fang Shrine African Wooden Carving

Fang ancestral statue from Cameroon

Sales price: £475.00

Ibo Leopard Mask

Ibo Wooden Face mask from Nigeria with Leopard on top of ...

Sales price: £895.00

Ivorian Dan Mask

Ivorian Dan mask from West Africa

Sales price: £160.00

Ivory Coast Dan Mask

Dan mask from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £235.00

Tchockwe Comb from DRC

Decorative comb from the Chockwe people of DRC

Sales price: £50.00

Yacoubi Dan Mask

Yacoubi Dan mask from Liberia

Sales price: £150.00

Yaure African Calao Mask

Mask with hornbill on top

Sales price: £190.00