We travel Africa and beyond to bring you tribal art, beaded necklaces and jewellery from the world's most diverse continent. Choose a truly unique gemstone bead necklace or select from our stunning range of African masks and sculpture. From antique Venetian trade beads to one off tribal art, sculpture and masks; we travel far and wide to bring you the best. We hope that you linger a while and share in our passion for Africa's beautiful material culture. If you can't find what you are looking for please feel free to drop us a line- we'd love to hear from you.

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Fang Sculpture Triple Bust

Fang triple post top- tribal art sculpture form Cameroon

Sales price: £325.00


Tchockwe Comb from DRC

Decorative comb from the Chockwe people of DRC (Democratic ...

Sales price: £50.00

Ethnic Glass Bead & Coin Necklace

Ethnic glass bead necklace with Indian coin pendants

Sales price: £38.00

Green Chevron & Matt Onyx Bead Necklace

Green chevron melon beads with matt onyx necklace

Sales price: £42.00

Matt Onyx & Carnelian Necklace

Matt onyx and carnelian agate gemstone necklace

Sales price: £42.00

Green Jade & Carnelian Bead Necklace

Green jadeite & carnelian gemstone beaded necklace

Sales price: £36.00


African Baule Tribal Mask

Baule African mask mask with Hornbill perched on head

Sales price: £295.00

African Sculpture Sao Chad Bronze

Bronze sculpture made using the lost wax method of casting ...

Sales price: £650.00

African Tribal Mask Bete

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £600.00

Amber Necklace with Carnelian & Black Glass

Amber focal beads with carnelian & black glass beads

Sales price: £34.00

Amber, Turquoise & Onyx Necklace

Antique amber resin with turquoise & matt black onyx ...

Sales price: £28.00

Ancestral Fang African Statue

African ancestral sculpture from Gabon

Sales price: £385.00

Antique Amber & Matt Onyx Necklace

Antique amber, carnelian and frosted black onyx necklace

Sales price: £42.00

Antique Amber & Trade Bead Necklace

Antique amber, trade bead, onyx and carnelian gemstone ...

Sales price: £48.00

Antique Chevron & Onyx Bead Necklace

Antique chervon bead, onyx, turquoise and carnelian bead ...

Sales price: £48.00

Antique Glass Bead & Onyx Necklace

Frosted antique orange glass bead necklace with matt onyx ...

Sales price: £45.00

Antique Lamp & Red Dutch Bead Necklace

Necklace with Red Dutch Goose Eggs beads & antique black ...

Sales price: £45.00

Antique Orange Glass Bead Necklace

Antique frosted orange glass beads with matt onyx beaded ...

Sales price: £42.00

Antique Red Dutch & Lamp Bead Necklace

Antique bohemian red glass trade beads with black & white ...

Sales price: £48.00

Antique Red Trade Bead & Oynx Necklace

Red Duhtc Goose Egg focal bead with polished onyx gemstone ...

Sales price: £38.00

Antique skunk trade bead necklace

Blue and white skunk beads with matt onyx gemstone beads

Sales price: £42.00

Ashetu Cameroon Grasslands Hat

Ashetu hat from Cameroon Grasslands

Sales price: £185.00

Bamileke Cow Mask Cameroon

Authentic Bamileke beaded cow mask

Sales price: £1,500.00


Baule Comb from Ivory Coast

Highly decorative Baule comb from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £50.00

Baule Monkey Mask

Baule monkey mask from Cote D'Ivoire

Sales price: £225.00


Baule Tribal Art Sculpture

Beautiful Baule Sculpture from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £185.00


Black & White Lamp Bead necklace

Barrel lamp bead necklace with chevrons

Sales price: £32.00

Black lamp & blue skunk bead necklace

Black& white striped barrel bead necklace

Sales price: £35.00


Blue & Red Beaded necklace

Red egg bead with green chevrons and cobal blue bead ...

Sales price: £28.00

Blue Chevron & Black Onyx Necklace

Matt black onyx bead necklace with blue chevons and Tibetan ...

Sales price: £36.00

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