Baule African Tribal Mask

Baule Calao MaskBaule mask from Ivory Coast
Baule Calao Mask
Baule Calao Mask reverse view
Baule Calao Mask from side view

Baule African mask mask with Hornbill perched on head
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Highly decorative Baule dance mask from Ivory Coast featuring rich glossy patina and with Hornbill bird, known as "Calao" perched atop the the mask.

According to the folklore of West Africa-  the legend of the Calao states that the Calao (or Hornbill bird) pecks at a man's forehead to impart knowledge and wisdom to him. It is for this reason that many masks from the Baule and Senufo people of Cote D'Ivoire have a raised welts or nodules in the centre of the forehead marking where the Calao has pecked them.