African statues for sales of high quality and authenticity. In the tradtional context many African sculptures had deep significance apart from their aesthetic beauty; ancestral fuigures, spirit lovers, grave markers and dolls are just a few examples of how the scuptural form is utilised in Africa.

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African Sculpture Sao Chad Bronze

Bronze sculpture made using the lost wax method of casting ...

Sales price: £650.00

Ancestral Fang African Statue

African ancestral sculpture from Gabon

Sales price: £385.00


Baule Comb from Ivory Coast

Highly decorative Baule comb from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £50.00


Baule Tribal Art Sculpture

Beautiful Baule Sculpture from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £185.00

Fang Ancestral Statue

Fang ancestral statue from Cameroon

Sales price: £475.00


Fang Sculpture Triple Bust

Fang triple post top- tribal art sculpture form Cameroon

Sales price: £325.00


Tchockwe Comb from DRC

Decorative comb from the Chockwe people of DRC (Democratic ...

Sales price: £50.00

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