African masks for sale. African tribal masks can be found within a diverse range of cultures within sub-Saharan Africa. Used as part of ceremonial ritual and dance- African face masks were traditionally used for social events and to represent ancestors, spirits and as means of passiing on folklore, cutural values and taboos. While masked-dancer ceremonies and the "secret societies" associated with their initiation ceremonies are are less prevelant in Africa today, we aim to avoid tourist souvenirs often passed off as authentic African masks. That said- not all of our African masks are antique and where we know them to be of more recent production we will list them as "reproduction" or as "contemparary". Most importantly- we select our masks for their aesthetic qualities and suggest that you buy masks that are to your liking rather than because of claims of authenticity, value or age which are notoriously hard to verify.

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African Baule Tribal Mask

Baule African mask mask with Hornbill perched on head

Sales price: £295.00

African Tribal Mask Bete

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £600.00

Bamileke Cow Mask Cameroon

Authentic Bamileke beaded cow mask

Sales price: £1,500.00

Baule Monkey Mask

Baule monkey mask from Cote D'Ivoire

Sales price: £225.00

Bronze Festac Mask

Nigerian Bronze Festac Mask

Sales price: £225.00

Cameroon Grasslands Mask

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £895.00

Contemporary Bamileke Cow Mask Beaded

Contemprary beaded cow mask form the Bamileke people of ...

Sales price: £250.00

Dan Mask from Liberia

Striking Dan mask from Liberian border with the Ivory Coast

Sales price: £900.00

Fang Helmet Mask from Gabon

Fang helmet mask from Gabon

Sales price: £350.00

Ibo Leopard Mask

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £895.00

Ivorian Dan Mask

Ivorian Dan mask from West Africa

Sales price: £160.00

Ivory Coast Dan Mask

Dan mask from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £235.00


Luba-Hemba Mask

Luba-Hemba "soko Mutu" mask from DRC

Sales price: £1,800.00

Punu African Mask from Gabon

Beautiful Yaure mask from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £275.00

Yacoubi Dan Mask

Yacoubi Dan mask from Liberia

Sales price: £150.00

Yaure African Calao Mask

Mask with hornbill on top

Sales price: £190.00

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