African tribal art for sale. The term "tribal art" is as diverse as it can be misleading. For us it includes African masks, statues and decorative items of distincitve design and appeal. The important consideration is that the tribal art we offer for sale is authentic, made in African and of superior quality. Tribal art is distinct from crafts produced for the tourist industry or for the interior decoration market by virture of it having been produced by indiginuous people for their own us and is therefore often imbued with social significance or as having relevance to tradtion, culture and veneration or commemoration of animist or other tradtional culture.

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African Baule Tribal Mask

Baule African mask mask with Hornbill perched on head

Sales price: £295.00

African Sculpture Sao Chad Bronze

Bronze sculpture made using the lost wax method of casting ...

Sales price: £650.00

African Tribal Mask Bete

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £600.00

Ancestral Fang African Statue

African ancestral sculpture from Gabon

Sales price: £385.00

Ashetu Cameroon Grasslands Hat

Ashetu hat from Cameroon Grasslands

Sales price: £185.00

Bamileke Cow Mask Cameroon

Authentic Bamileke beaded cow mask

Sales price: £1,500.00


Baule Comb from Ivory Coast

Highly decorative Baule comb from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £50.00

Baule Monkey Mask

Baule monkey mask from Cote D'Ivoire

Sales price: £225.00


Baule Tribal Art Sculpture

Beautiful Baule Sculpture from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £185.00

Bronze Festac Mask

Nigerian Bronze Festac Mask

Sales price: £225.00

Cameroon Grasslands Mask

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £895.00

Contemporary Bamileke Cow Mask Beaded

Contemprary beaded cow mask form the Bamileke people of ...

Sales price: £250.00

Dan Mask from Liberia

Striking Dan mask from Liberian border with the Ivory Coast

Sales price: £900.00

Fang Ancestral Statue

Fang ancestral statue from Cameroon

Sales price: £475.00

Fang Helmet Mask from Gabon

Fang helmet mask from Gabon

Sales price: £350.00


Fang Sculpture Triple Bust

Fang triple post top- tribal art sculpture form Cameroon

Sales price: £325.00

Ibo Leopard Mask

Cameroon grasslands helmet mask

Sales price: £895.00

Ivorian Dan Mask

Ivorian Dan mask from West Africa

Sales price: £160.00

Ivory Coast Dan Mask

Dan mask from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £235.00


Luba-Hemba Mask

Luba-Hemba "soko Mutu" mask from DRC

Sales price: £1,800.00

Punu African Mask from Gabon

Beautiful Yaure mask from Ivory Coast

Sales price: £275.00


Tchockwe Comb from DRC

Decorative comb from the Chockwe people of DRC (Democratic ...

Sales price: £50.00

Yacoubi Dan Mask

Yacoubi Dan mask from Liberia

Sales price: £150.00

Yaure African Calao Mask

Mask with hornbill on top

Sales price: £190.00

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